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Why digitify.app

TMS Reimagined

10x Productivity at 1/10th the cost


Dramatically simplify your operations with human-centric design. Everything you need is a click away.


All your stakeholders are connected on the same platform from all your Branches, Supervisors, Drivers, Suppliers, Customers, and Consignees. A single source of truth for everyone.


Zero errors using automated payments and save money and time using automation and alert systems.


Continuously improve your operations with easy-to-use reports and dashboards from your data.


Operate across the entire transport on a single platform – from planning & truck placement to delivery tracking, Proof of Delivery, and invoicing.


100% satisfaction of drivers, carriers, brokers, and truck owners by improving payment

Business Interfaces

The full spectrum of tools on one platform.

Desk is simple to use web portal for your team to automate freight operations. All the tools from bidding to payments + reports and dashboards that your team in needs in one place.

Wherever your team is as good as your workplace

Digitify is role based mobile app for your team. All your employees from operations, sales and accounting can collaborate using a single app.

Bring your suppliers / truck owners to your platform

Loads app lets you run bidding, Streamline all communication and Improve supplier satisfaction by sharing supplier relevant data in a secured way.

Automate driver payments and collect POD faster

Captain app lets your drivers to self-manage loads. Reduce POD turnaround time and increase driver happiness by sharing salary details with 100% accuracy.

Share secure links with your customers and consignees.

Track lets you share freight details through secure links with your customer and consignees to track trucks, POD status, and pending payment status. Reduce customer frustration and get paid faster by providing excellent service and a simple-to-use portal.

Do it all in one place

Move away from tedious, time-consuming phone-based bidding processes. Get real-time quotes from carriers, brokers, and truck owners instantly, making decisions cheaper and faster.

trip bidding

Matching algorithms that assign your loads to the nearest available trucks

trip planning

Track market and own truck with SIM tracking and GPS from 10+ pre-integrated GPS providers/OEM. Share location links with customers and simplify monitoring.

trip tracking

Automate payments to drivers, carriers, brokers and truck owners and remove errors. Manage waybills, proof of delivery, and other documents using east to use apps.

trip billing

Power Integrations

Let your applications work harder for you with 20+ ready integrations across telematics, communication, finance, and ERP.

  • Telematics

    Digitify comes pre-integrated with 10+ GPS providers and Sim-based tracking with all telecom providers. Track your own trucks using GPS and market trucks using SIM-based tracking.


    Automate supplier, driver, fasting, and fuel payments with an integrated banking system. Auto bank reconciles incoming payments against customer account and saves time. Reduce time and save on human errors.

  • ERP

    ERP integrations are commonly added to Digitify core functionality to increase efficiencies for users and drive cost savings. These integrations allow information to flow automatically from your accounting system into Digitify and vice versa. This means that users don’t need to waste any time rekeying data between systems, removing the risk of human error.

  • Communication

    Digitify comes pre-integrated with multiple communication tools like SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, Email and Push notifications.  The communication tools help you and your stakeholders to be up-to-date. Alerts and notifications to make better decisions, avoid delivery delays, avoid hefty E-way bill expiry fines, save valuable time and money, and can better service their customers.