The future of transportation
management is here

Digitify is a transport management system that helps you to automate the bidding to billing process with ease, gain complete transparency over your trucks, drivers and suppliers to improve margin and seamlessly communicate with everyone involved.



Make decisions more quickly and cheaply by getting bids in real-time from carriers, brokers, and truck owners. Digitify enables you to build lanes and publish them to your carriers, compare rates, and award the best available provider.


Bring your authorised carriers to your portal using secured apps and centralise your procurement to save time and money.


Compare your rates to real-time market rates. Survey the market in seconds and compare your rates over time and lanes.



Digitify Matchmaking algorithm matches loads to the closest available truck.

With live location updates thanks to GPS integrations of your entire fleet book loads that match the nearest truck’s availability, instantly.


Use SIM based & GPS from 10+ pre-integrated GPS/OEM providers to track carrier and own truck. Share location links with customers & simplify tracking.


Analyze market rates, profitability, compliance reports and other actionable insights that help you improve efficiencies and profitability.



With all your data in one place, It is easy to create invoices and get payments faster with reminders and analytics.


With integrated banking, reconciliation of incoming payments and automatic drivers, carrier payments are fast, error-free and secure.


Carriers and drivers get automatic eStatement with clear details through secure apps improving trust and brand loyalty



ERP integrations are commonly added to Digitify core functionality to increase efficiencies for users and drive cost savings. These integrations allow information to flow automatically from your accounting system into Digitify and vice versa. This means that users don’t need to waste any time rekeying data between systems, removing the risk of human error.


Digitify comes pre-integrated with 10+ GPS providers and Sim-based tracking with all telecom providers. Track your own trucks using GPS and market trucks using SIM-based tracking.

Omni-Channel Communication

Digitify has omnichannel communication in-built.  The communication tools like SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, Email and Push notifications to help you and your stakeholders to be up-to-date. Alerts and notifications to make better decisions, avoid delivery delays, avoid hefty E-way bill fines, save valuable time and money.